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Diva Pool Filter Socks For Skimmers

DIVA Pool Filter Socks is a hygienic disposable prefilter bag for skimmer baskets.

DIVA Pool Filter Socks improves water quality, protects the pump and all pool equipment.

Easy waste disposal.

Installs in 10 seconds in all baskets with or without handle.

Swimming pools, spas, filtration, DIVA Pool Filter Socks adapts to any installation.

Sold by box of 10-12 bags.

DIVA Pool Filter Socks is a hygienic disposable pre-filter bag for skimmer baskets.

Filtration fineness: 250 - 300 microns.

Suitable for skimmer baskets up to 24 cm in diameter.


It is a pre-filter that can be used in all skimmer pre-baskets up to 24 cm in
diameter. It traps grains and debris that accumulate on the surface of the water, simplifying the tedious job of cleaning the basket while protecting the pump. Its patented double clamping system, as well as its specialized 250-300 micron mesh guarantee optimal results.


Usage mode: Squeeze the T-shaped fastener and insert it into the basket net. Attach the fastener to the bottom of the basket. Place the chlorine tablets at the bottom of the basket BEFORE stretching the DIVA Pool Filter Socks elastic around its upper face. Insert the basket, with the DIVA Pool Filter Socks installed, back into the skimmer.



• It is no longer necessary to clean skimmer baskets

• Hygienic way to capture waste from your pool

• Pool maintenance becomes easier and less frequent

• Main filters take longer to need cleaning

• Reduces wear on the pump as well as the entire system

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